September 6, 2020

The love of Christ for the Christian is beyond comprehension.  May God expand the limitations of our hearts and minds to be able to take in more.

I am Small, God is Big

August 23, 2020
Into empty vessels is what God pours His grace.  Paul was that but not always.  When Paul was humbled and came to truly know God, Paul came to truly know…

God’s Workers

August 16, 2020

A House for God

August 9, 2020
A house from God, by God, and for God - this one is indestructible and will glory in her Redeemer forever and ever.

New Life, New Walk (2)

July 19, 2020

New Life, New Walk

July 12, 2020
Saved by faith alone, but saving faith will not be alone.  The grace that gives life and faith also gives the good works for the living to do.
Without grace, you cannot believe, you cannot be saved.

You’re Alive!

June 28, 2020
How can a person transition from "You are dead" to "You were dead"? (see 2.1)  Verses 4-5 provide the answer. Give God the glory.

You’re Dead!

June 21, 2020
Paul is writing to Christians but how would these verses read if Paul were writing to the non-Christian - the unbeliever.  A dreadful condition for sure.
Paul wants to instill confidence in His Christian readers. One way to do that is to pray for them that they would have wisdom and knowledge regarding the God who…
Who are you? What is your primary identity?  Your answer could explain a lot of why you do what you do.  In this message, we hear why the Christian's union…
Paul has been discussing the major themes necessary for salvation, namely election by the Father (v.4), redemption by the Son (v.7), and in verses 13-14 he speaks of being sealed…