Own Your Moment

February 7, 2021
Why must a Christian look carefully how he or she walks?  What does Paul mean by the Christian "walk"? What danger is lurking all around that the Christian must beware? …

One Hand to Hold

January 24, 2021

What is more important? Saying that you are saved or seeing that you are saved?  Good works are vital to a genuine testimony of salvation. Listen, as we hear why…

Don’t Step in Stink

January 3, 2021
Ever step in something you wish you hadn't?  Many of us have.  As Paul continues to talk about the Christian walk, he warn of several little "mines" the Christian is…

Love as You Have Been Loved

December 20, 2020

Be Imitators of God

December 13, 2020

Works of a Living Faith

December 6, 2020
"Faith without works is dead", saith James.  Though we are right to emphasize salvation by grace alone through faith alone, true saving faith will not be alone - good works…

Sticks and Stones

November 15, 2020
"Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me."  Is that true?  No it isn't.  Sometimes words hurt and they hurt worse than sticks and stones. …
Transformation within is what leads to transformation without.  In this passage, Paul provides an example of not only what a Christian is to no longer do, but what he or…

Be Angry, But Beware

November 1, 2020
Is God giving the Christian permission to be angry?  Absolutely, but with exception.  The anger must not creep into areas of sin.  When that happens, the devil is given opportunity…

Speak Truth

October 25, 2020

Growing Up

October 4, 2020

Gifts to the Church

September 27, 2020