Ever wonder why Christians do what they do? Church, pray, read the Bible, observer the Lord's Supper, etc.  This message drawn from the life of Israel answers the question, "What…
When we go to a cemetery our goal is not to visit a living person but one who has died.  So to be ask, "Why do you seek the living…

What does the Bible mean when it speaks of being "saved"?  Saved from what?  Saved from who?  Is the Christian also saved "for" something or someone?  Why must a person…

More Mercy for a Plant

December 19, 2021
Does Jonah care more about a plant than he does those made in God's image?  Seems so.

Do You Do Well To Be Angry?

December 12, 2021

They Believed God

December 5, 2021

God’s Will, My Good

November 28, 2021

You Don’t Belong Here

November 21, 2021

Throw It Overboard

November 14, 2021

God Goes After His Own

November 7, 2021

Fruitless But Faithful

October 17, 2021

Not a God of the Imagination

October 10, 2021

Do You Love Me?

October 3, 2021