Mission, Vision, and Core Values of New Life Church

New Life Church Mission

To equip God’s people with the transforming truths of the Bible.

New Life Church Vision

To see biblically equipped believers living out biblical truths in practical every day ways.

New Life Church Core Values

God’s Glory

The primary purpose for our existence is to bring glory to God. We were created to serve Him and display His excellent uniqueness and greatness.

The Bible

The Bible is the final authority on matters of life and faith. The Bible is a gift to us from God communicating how we can know Him and worship Him as He deserves and expects.
The Biblical Gospel

Personal sin against God has caused a spiritual chasm between God and men resulting not only in physical death but also spiritual death. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus Christ fulfilled the demands of the law, bore the penalty for another’s sin, and conquered humanities greatest enemy – death. Through repentance of sin and faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, a person is justified. He or she is forgiven by God of his or her personal sin against God and is given the perfect, law-fulfilling righteousness of Christ. The chasm between the believer and God is now closed and a harmonious relationship with God is commenced, which results in everlasting life both spiritually and one day, physically.
Bible-centered exposition

Expository preaching is the best manner to communicate the whole counsel of God. Expository preaching demands engagement with the entire text, not just select portions. Expository preaching best honors God because it best honors His Word.
The Doctrines of Grace

The human spiritual condition is utterly corrupt and spiritually dead from the moment of conception. God has unconditionally chosen some individuals for salvation from before the foundation of the world. Jesus lived, suffered, and died to accomplish and guarantee the salvation of those chosen from before the foundation of the world. God’s call upon the chosen to salvation is ultimately irresistible. His sheep hear His call and respond, both willingly and joyfully, by repenting of their sin and believing in Jesus. Those whom God has called to be saved will persevere through life’s trials and temptations and, by God’s grace, endure to the end in order to receive God’s promised salvation.
The Sovereignty of God

God’s sovereignty over every molecule of every age from the beginning of time to the end is not a matter of debate, but a matter of personal submission. The person who believes and embraces God’s sovereignty over all things will be better able to live in peace, even in the midst of the most turbulent events.

Personal prayer is vital for communion with God and spiritual growth and maturity. Corporate prayer is vital for the church because it expresses our desire that God reign over all aspects of New Life Church.

God does not save us and then immediately take us to heaven. Christians are in the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to those whom God has providentially placed in their lives. As God’s ambassadors, Christians have the responsibility and privilege to tell others the gospel.
Strong emphasis on grace

God’s grace alone saves us from eternal condemnation. God’s grace is sufficient to supply all we need to live for God’s glory. God’s grace is necessary every moment of the day to keep us from falling.
Age Integrated Worship Services

Persons of all ages are expected to participate together in the worship of God. The Bible nowhere indicates a segregation of ages during the worship service. Families that worship together glorify God together.